Opposite Action

If you’re not familiar with DBT, which is Dialectical Behavior Therapy, it’s an evidence-based treatment that we use to treat symptoms related to depression, anxiety, eating disorders and personality disorders like Borderline Personality Disorder. But the skills you learn in DBT are so helpful, I feel like everybody should learn them. So I also use them in life coaching to help with everyday problems as well.

Listening to Loneliness

There's no denying it. Modern life leaves many of us grappling with loneliness. But humans are social creatures; we simply aren't designed for so much alone time. Social isolation, like lack of hydration or cold temperatures, is a problematic condition that, in extreme doses, can actually threaten our survival. As thirst is the warning alarm motivating one to drink water, the emotion of loneliness is the warning alarm that social interaction is needed. 

Weathering the Storm

Maybe it was the sound of rain on the rooftop this morning or a friend of mine who came through for me in a big way recently, but I'm celebrating #tbt with Rihanna's Umbrella today. Nevermind that song is 10 years old now, which feels impossible, it's an anthem of lasting, supportive relationships. Relationships deserve an anthem because they are so vitally important to our well being.