Weathering the Storm

By: Michelle Smith, LCSW  - psychotherapist and life coach with Interface Telehealth

Maybe it was the sound of rain on the rooftop this morning or a friend of mine who came through for me in a big way recently, but I'm celebrating #tbt with Rihanna's Umbrella today. Nevermind that song is 10 years old now, which feels impossible, it's an anthem of lasting, supportive relationships. Relationships deserve an anthem because they are so vitally important to our well being.

We all know how awful loneliness can feel even on a good day. But when we face challenges in life, we need supportive relationships more than ever. Having to weather the rain is much less difficult when you have someone there to be your umbrella.

I'll often encourage clients to physically map out their relationships with friends, family, acquaintances, neighbors, colleagues, etc. on a piece of paper. This can be helpful in taking stock of the unique characteristics of relationships with each person. How are the people in your life umbrellas for you? How are you umbrellas for them? Is there potential to further develop a relationship with someone on that paper that could bring more balance and fulfillment into your life?

And if you're not in the mood for all that, I have another suggestion for #tbt. Turn up the Rihanna, sing or dance along and think about the "umbrellas" in your life.

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