"It's so important to have the right 'fit' with your therapist. You should have a therapeutic relationship that feels safe and supportive to you. With that in place, we can achieve a lot. I take pride in providing therapy that's effective in relieving symptoms and improving people's lives." 

Michelle L. Smith, LCSW (CAlifornia)

Depression, Stress & Trauma Specialist

Michelle is an experienced therapist who excels in creating a supportive environment and providing insightful, "real" feedback. She's worked with adults and children who have experienced trauma for more than a decade. Michelle is passionate about providing effective, evidence-based treatment using techniques to:

  • develop introspection and mindfulness
  • adjust patterns of unhelpful thinking
  • incrementally confront fears and phobias
  • adopt healthier habits
  • defend against biological (i.e. genetic, neurological) vulnerabilities

Michelle incorporates the same therapeutic techniques to provide coaching for those seeking support with improving relationships, career and/or health. She's also bilingual and provides therapy and coaching in Spanish.

Want to learn more? Check out Michelle's blog.